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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Assignment is not Submitting

Sometimes, your Web Browser can makes trouble on submitting assignment.


  • Logout from LMS Account
  • Login again then try to submit
  • Or try from another Web Browser
Q: Which Attachment files are supported in LMS?

Max Size: 5 MB

Allowed Files Type: jpg, png, webp, docx, xlsx, pdf, zip

Q: How to upload Multiple files in Assignment?

It's really simple! If your assignment submission files are more than one then, do the following steps:

  1. Select your all files 
  2. Right click on any selected file 
  3. Click ‘Send to’ and then click Compressed 
  4. It will generate one Compressed ZIP file containing all your files.
  5. Simple, upload your .zip file
Q: Why my assignment status is 'In Review' ?

‘In Review’ status means, your Trainer hasn't checked your assignment yet. Ask your trainer to check the assignment, otherwise it can effect your performance rating.

Q: Trainer has answered my Ticket. What is next?

If your Trainer has responded to your ticket and you are satisfied with the answer, then please CLOSE TICKET.

Q: What are Learning Resources?

Learning Resources can be used for multiple things. Your Trainer can share:

  • Important Notes 
  • Files used in the Lecture 
  • Recordings of the Lecture(s)
Q: My LMS Account is not working

If your LMS is not working fine, or you are facing any technical issue, then please send us email with the error screenshot and detailed explanation with your CNIC No.

LMS Helpdesk:

Q: I missed submitting Friday Feedback

It is very compulsory to submit your Feedback on every Friday.

If you missed, submit on next Friday. 

The best practice is to set Feedback reminder in your Phone.

Q: My Assignment deadline is over

If your assignment date is over, you can request your Trainer to extend the assignment deadline.

Time Over assignments can hurt your progress.

Q: How to change Profile Photo?

It's simple!

Login to your LMS account then go to top right corner, click on your current photo.

Then go to Settings option. At there, you will have to click on Change Profile Photo button.


Note: Always use Original / Real profile photo.

Q: I forgot my LMS Password

No worries!

Go to login page, and click on Forgot Password? link.

Or use the following link to recover your password:


Q: How my Overall Progress is calculating?

Currently student progress is calculating on total given Assignments and total submitted assignments.

For Example:

You got 2 assignments, and you submitted 1 assignment and 1 is pending.

Your Progress will be 50.00%

If you submitted you all assignments, your progress will be 100.00%

Don't late! If assignment deadline is over, your progress can never be 100.00%


Student Progress on marking system will be launched soon!